We are currently only accepting new memberships for Laser sailors. Contact the Key Rat about joining the membership. For general inquiries, please email the Web Rat.

For other questions, please email a volunteer board member below. The club doesn't have staff or a phone number. We're too busy messing about in our boats.

Learning to sail? While we have sailing mentorship nights you may be interested in formal classes with our friends who are also in the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation. These include the OHSF Youth Water Sports CampJ-TownMooredale, Westwood. Also see Sailing Fanatics.

Note, we don't rent or store boats, or host corporate events. 

Club members, once logged in at left, can look up others in our Directory.

Board of Directors

Position titles link to email. Names link to LinkedIn.

Chief Rat (Commodore)                                                                           Norm Lamb
Money Rat (Treasurer)
Gordon Akum
Paper Rat (Secretary) David Street
Race Rat (Race Director) Randy McMeekin
Key Rat (Membership Director)
Ed YoungJeff Gerritts in 2020?
Web Rat (Communications Director) Matthew Burpee
Grounds Rat (Harbour Master) Barbara Anderson
Party Rat (Social Director) Monika Roschlaub. Unknown, 2020
Paddling Rat (Associate Membership Director) Bruce Hanson
Dinghy Rat (Associate Membership Director)
Joe Van Rossem
Badger (Past Commodore)                  Paul Stillwell

Social media

Join us @sailWaterRats in your preferred network and use hashtag #sailwaterrats


Mailing address



PO BOX 98121


Location address 

4 Regatta Rd is beside Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park. See our directions.


The following will be reviewed by an elder. As a not-for-profit club, we have a responsibility for the stewardship of the land and water we enjoy. For thousands of years Toronto's lake shore and nearby rivers have been the traditional land and passageways for the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. Today, after more than a century of newcomers, Toronto is still the home to many Indigenous people and we are grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy these waterways and land.

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