Volunteer grounds jobs available

24 May 2021 1:29 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

I know the first thing you want to do is get out on the water!  But of course the second is to start on your volunteer hours. We’re continuing small work groups.  Choose a project, up to 5 pals (ok from different households), and a date/time.  Tell me when so I can start you off with the right tools & plants.  Anna Hoad - text (416)778-0054, or email annahoad01@icloud.com.

1.  Want to kill phragmites? This is a one person surgical strike operation (1/2 hour) but must be done each month. Do you have what it takes for a sustained kill operation? I have a sharpened spade for you. Bring gloves.

2. Come and get your lumberjack (and jill) on!  Ever felt like ripping a tree out? There's buckthorn below the club house and we now have a weed wrench to pull them out. Bigger ones need to be sawn down. This is a one time job of up to 5 people, probably 3-4 hours. Bring a saw or chainsaw, clippers and gloves. 

3. As a kid did you want to dig through the earth to China?  Digging knotweed out of the sand by the western ramp is just like that!  You need gloves and a trowel, and endless determination. We’ll be clipping back the ones in the western bank twice.  Bring clippers or kitchen scissors.

4. Last year everyone did an amazing job of clipping back the dog strangling vine (stage 1), then we buried it in mulch (stage 2). This year we overplant with assertive native plants  (violets, solomon’s seal, wood anenomes) to discourage it from coming back (stage 3) and clip back any stragglers (stage 4). Bring on the gardeners; we will overcome!  Gloves, trowels, clippers or scissors needed. 

5. Last year we turned the sod in a 2’ strip by the eastern fence, mulched it, and planted vines and flowers.  This year we turn the sod of the western fence.  Spades, clippers and gloves needed. 

6. We need weekly watering of the little trees planted last year on the eastern bank.  It’s a good workout, and only shoes needed. But, please, no watering of the two new big trees. We have a schedule, folks designated, and too much water is as bad as too little for them!

7.  Jobs for kids: pickup fallen branches from around the grounds to make it easier for Marvin to mow; pick up plastic from the sand; 1 kid job to apply moss to lumps of concrete (kid will get covered in dirt and need to swim to clean off!).


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