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2015 Laser Performance ILCA for sale. Sail number 208840. Built in 2015 and not sailed until 2017.  Sailed competitively in Masters events up until COVID. This boat is fast and has never had a drop of water in the hull.  Text Bruce Clifford at 416-801-6494.

Boat Package - $8,000

- 2015 hull (208840) and foils (first sailed in 2017 – used 3 seasons)

- Full rig (ILCA 7) spars

- Carbon tiller (Black Diamond) and carbon tiller extension 

- Race rigging (upgraded Harken vang and Harken cunningham/outhaul cleats)

- Custom Dolly

- MKII racing sail with battens, MKII practice sail

- Top and bottom covers (Colie Sails)

- Foil bag (Fogh)

- Spar bag

Custom Road Trailer - $3,000

- Custom Cradle Ride trailer with custom storage box for spars, foils, sails and tools.  Will take 1, 2 or 3 lasers and all gear comfortably.

- Lower bunks digitized and shaped to deck contours

- Access door at rear for board bags (left side), sails, spars and aluminum stacking racks (right side)

- Access door at left front for tool box, spare tire (included) and covers.  All SS hinges and latches with common-keyed locks.  The most complete Laser Trailer ever built.

New unused MKII Sail - $1,000

- Brand new MKII sail with numbers/country code and new battens.

Carbon Top Section - $600 (used two seasons)

Rooster Carbon Tiller - $300 (used one season)

Complete Package – Negotiable


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