How to join

Is the club currently accepting new members?

Each Water Rat member has their own keelless sailing or paddle dinghy. We don't rent boats or offer formal lessons. 

Own a boat? Please apply but note, there is a short waiting list if you sail a Laser, the world's most popular sailing dinghyThere is a longer waiting list to join if you have a catamaran, kayak and canoe. To apply and get your name on our list then please email the Key Rat (membership director) with the type of craft in the subject line. 

Otherwise you may consider sailing with fellow Outer Harbour Sailing Federation (OHSF) Clubs such as the OHCC. Beyond our federation you may consider ABYC and Harbourfront which may have kayak space on top racks.

Don't own a boat? There are many places to get safely out on the water in Toronto. Try becoming a member at other OHSF Clubs such as Mooredale, Saint James Town and Westwood. Their members sometimes join our Laser races. See also Sailing Fanatics. Boat rentals can be found at HarbourfrontToronto Adventuresby charter and elsewhere. See you out there!

What are membership fees?

Membership fees:

  • One-time initiation fee: $150 plus HST ($169.50)
  • Annual membership fee: $225 plus HST ($254.25), plus work-or-play-or-pay policy (see below)
  • Late membership renewal: $325* plus HST ($367.25) ($225 annual membership, plus $100 late fee, plus 13% HST)

* applies to renewals after Clean-Up Day

For new members joining after September 1, the membership fee for the first season is reduced to $125 plus HST ($141.25). Also please note that all members are required to have personal liability insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000.00 (typically included as part of any home or apartment insurance policy).

Work/play/pay policy:

All members are expected to volunteer for various approved maintenance, site improvement and encouraged to participate in social activities. Eight work, play, or pay hours are required each year. Unfulfilled hours will be billed on next year's membership renewal.

What types of boats are acceptable?

The following types of boats are acceptable at the Club:
  • dry sailed dinghies/catamarans (without cabins)
  • canoes or kayaks

Not acceptable:
Motorboats, Jet Skis/PWC, keelboats, any type of boat with a cabin, boats that have a LOA over 21', boats that are in excess of 475lbs are all not permitted.

Do I need to have my own boat to join?

Yes. Members are required to own one of the boats listed above. We do not offer crewing or social memberships.

What equipment can I keep at the club?

With a single membership, members can keep the following equipment at the club:
  • one catamaran; or
  • one dinghy over 15 feet; or
  • two dinghies under 15 feet; or
  • two canoes, or kayaks; and
  • up to two trailers.

Does the club offer Family Memberships?

The club does not offer family memberships. However, with a single membership, members can store the equipment listed above at the club. This equipment could be spread across multiple family members. If your amount of equipment exceeds that which is allowable for a single membership, multiple memberships will be required.

Are there lockers available for member use?

Limited locker facilities are available on-site for a $50 annual fee; first preference is given to those walking or cycling to the club. 

What facilities are available?

We have a new clubhouse as of 2013, with electricity but no running water, although drinking water is available. There is indoor and outdoor seating, a fire pit and two BBQs. There are porto-potties located within the grounds. Most importantly, we have great access to the water.

Where can I put my boat?

Spots are not formally allocated* but be mindful of existing spots that have tenure from long standing members.  Please consult with a WRSC exec for approval of a location to put your boat.  However, you need to use common sense when finding a home for your boat. Don't block any of the laneways, and do not place your boat on the lawn in front of the clubhouse. Spots on the beach are reserved for catamarans.

* Rack spaces for canoes and kayaks are assigned by the Paddling Rat. Members may only keep their canoes and kayaks on the rack space that has been assigned. 

Does the club have dollies that I can use?

Members provide their own dollies.

Are there racks available for canoes and kayaks?

We have a limited number of racks available for canoes and kayaks. Canoe and kayak membership is restricted by our bylaws (rather than by rack space) to a total of 50 members. Refer to "Is the club currently accepting new members" to check on current availability; there is generally a long waiting list. Spots on a rack are allocated by the Paddling Rat, so please check with them before using one. Canoe and kayak members must find a way to lock their boats securely to the racks so that they will not move in the high winds that we sometimes experience.

Can I store my boat at the club for the winter?

Members can store their boats at the club all year round. We do not offer winter storage for non-members.

What member events occur throughout the season?

Club events are listed on our Events Calendar. Generally, we host a number of events throughout the year, including the following:
  • Clean Up Days - 2-3 times per year 
    Most importantly in Spring and Fall, and key volunteer hour days. Help clean up the club for the coming season or before winter sets in. We have limited equipment (eg rakes, shears) but please bring your own, along with work gloves, if you have them.
    Spring Clean Up is also the day for membership renewals. Either pay-online in advance or bring your renewal form and a cheque; everyone must bring proof of insurance and sign a waiver, and exchange their old key for the new key.
  • Club Dinghy Racing
    Sunday afternoons, beginning around 1:00 in the Spring and Fall
    Tuesday evenings throughout the summer, beginning around 6:00.
  • Regattas, Member BBQs, AGM, Christmas Party
    Check the calendar for details

How do I become a member?

Please contact the Key Rat (membership director) to make arrangements for membership. Please do not bring your boat or membership registration to the club without first contacting the membership representative of the club. Membership administration must be completed first before your boat can be left on the property.
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