Club BBQ/Electronic locks/Unidentified boats

07 Jul 2023 10:18 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Club BBQ: Tuesday July 18

Join us rain or shine at our next club BBQ and get a play hour! Free food and good friends!

Electronic locks are coming!

We will be installing our new electronic lock shortly, which will allow you to access the club via an app on your phone. If you have a partner or co-owner of your boat, please make sure that they are listed on your profile and they will receive access via the same app.

Unidentified boats

We have a number of unidentified boats at the club. If you have brought a boat to the club recently, please review the list and reach out to Michael if any of these belong to you.

Bringing new boats to the club

As a reminder, members are required to obtain permission and stickers before bringing any new boats to the property. Boats left on the property without obtaining permission are considered legally abandoned and can be removed at any time.

Reminder – Lawn Maintenance

Members are required to maintain the area around their boats. Please make sure that you cut your grass regularly. We have an easy to use electric lawn mower in the blue container which can be accessed with your Water Rats key.

Trailer Storage

Water Rats reserves the space closest to the water for sailboats. If you have a trailer stored within the first 4 rows closest to the water or along the Western fence south of the big tree, could you please move it to the back of the club. Referring to our map trailers should not be stored in areas M, N, P, Q, R, S, W, V, or X.

Come and play with the big Cats at TMCC!

We are "crashing" the Toronto Multihull Cruising Club (TMCC's) social sailing party and our cats are welcome to participate in this fun long distance racing. Beach cats from JTown and Westwood are also invited so we hope to have a nice little fleet.

Join in Wednesday at 6 pm on the water between TMCC and JTown. No sign up needed, please contact Beata if you'd like more information. 

Join the JTown Crew Bank

JTown is a community sailing club next door to the rowing club and some of their members would love extra exposure to cats! They run a well rounded cat program and here is a list of folks interested in crewing on a cat. Let's join forces!

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