2018 communications in review

23 Nov 2018 5:54 PM | Matthew Burpee

Wild Apricot membership software continues to be effective in managing our main communications via email and web. It allows us to securely manage our current 200+ members and offers a number of features such as payments, event registration, email blasts, and website management.

First we'll look at visitor stats for the last year and then our social media accounts. Your feedback is welcome. 

Next year we'll look again at improving the website content and design for our internal and external communities.

Web stats Nov 2017-Nov 2018

The website is unsurprisingly more popular from April to June when anticipation for the sailing season is the strongest with prospective and current members. 

Top page visited after the home page are about the membership, then contact, about us and racing events.

People find the site mainly by typing the URL address in, with search tools, or link from another website.

Visits from around the world.

Technology used

Social media

Facebook group 195 members

Facebook page 23 likes, 87 visits

Instagram (new) 81 posts 103 followers 28 following 

Twitter (new) 117 tweets, 28 followers, 45 following

YouTube (new) 1 video, 3 subscribers 

Pinterest (new) 42 pins, 6 boards, 2 followers, 2 following

Your feedback is welcome.

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