Club partially reopens with COVID-19 Guidelines

14 May 2020 10:38 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

Getting out on the water with caution

We are all members and as such must bear responsibility for the well being of all. Please carefully read the following sections: 1) COVID-19 Guidelines 2) Before Coming, and 3) At the Club.

1) COVID-19 Guidelines

  1. Club members with any possible signs of COVID such as cough, sniffles, fever, headache, lack of smell and/or taste must seek medical help and not visit the club
  2. Club members who have been exposed to anyone with COVID or are suspicious of having COVID, must stay home 14 days
  3. Club members are responsible for ensuring the safety of others and themselves
  4. Club members should clean anything they touch that will be touched by others, with sanitizer or soap and water
  5. Club members should not assume, however, that common surfaces are clean. On the contrary, they should assume the opposite and do frequent hand washing in an appropriate fashion for at least 20 seconds
  6. Club members should avoid touching their face
  7. Club members should avoid close contact with others and should be at least 2 metres/ 6 feet away from others and probably more
  8. Club members should not assume that if they are wearing a mask, this will necessarily protect them from getting COVID. Wearing a mask is more protective of others by helping to prevent the transmission of virus from the person wearing the mask. It has less protection for the person wearing the mask of getting the virus from others and especially from someone not wearing a mask. Club members can wear masks but still keep their distance from others
  9. On the water, sailors should be as far away from others as possible, and at least several metres. Recommendations re runners / bike riders, etc., have been to stay considerably more than 2 metres away as people exerting themselves, as may be the case in stronger winds, may spread the virus longer distances
  10. Generally, the virus is spread by droplets from a person's cough, sneeze, breath and by touching something contaminated with the virus and then touching one's face
  11. COVID is very contagious and is probably significantly spread unknowingly from asymptomatic individuals or from people with minimal symptoms
  12. While many, if not most, club members are in good health, they should not necessarily assume that they will not get severely ill, and at any rate may unknowingly pass the virus onto a more compromised person who could get very ill and / or die
  13. Members should be encouraged to keep their distance from others, not assume that what they are touching is free of virus, frequently wash their hands and not touch their face

2) Before Coming 

  1. You must bring hand sanitizer with 70% alc. and/or soap & water
  2. A face mask, and ziplock bag for safekeeping it on you, is recommended
  3. Bring your own water, cleaning supplies, dishes, utensils, thermos, and personal chair if needed
  4. No guests at this time

3) At Our Club

  1. The clubhouse will be closed. Practise 6 feet / 2 metre spacing everywhere
  2. Washrooms may be infection hotspots. Sanitize door handles, toilet seat cover before and after use. They will be cleaned on Fridays
  3. Front Gate: You must use sanitizer on the lock and gate before and after. Mowing under your boat? Sanitize shed lock, shed handles, lawn mower handles and cord handle before and after
  4. In larger boats, such as cats, a second person should only be a household member. Luckily, most of our boats are for only one person and are shore launched which is an ideal situation 
  5. We are not permitted to run any organized programs or events
  6. Sanitize your hands and cellphone after handling anything shared

4) COVID-19 In Toronto

The trend in new infections has not yet started to fall in Toronto by mid-May as it has elsewhere. We still need to be cautious until we are vaccinated. Please see COVID-19: Status of Cases in Toronto.

According to current evidence, the COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact routes. Symptoms have included: cough, fever, difficulty breathing, and pneumonia. In severe cases, infection can lead to death (650 to date in Toronto). Symptoms can be mild and may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure. 

Please visit the following resources. And please verify news sources you see online as the world collectively responds to this tragic pandemic. 

Public health information about COVID-19

5) Boating Guidelines

A) City of Toronto & Province of Ontario directive

B) Government of Canada boating directives 

Note: The guidelines were written by member, MD Larry Chad and sections by Grounds Rat, Barbara Anderson and Web Rat, Matthew Burpee. They will be updated as the season progresses through stages of relaxing restrictions and in keeping with directives from the Province of Ontario, the City of Toronto, the Ontario Sailing Association and the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation. For information about clubs please see: Guidance on Health and Safety for Marinas during COVID-19 (PDF). 

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